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I began this project after reading the book: "Lies That Came True", by the late Eileen Bernard. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to spend time with her, as well as Charles Hepner and Milt Green, who have all since passed away. They were instrumental in providing material for this video.

The characters in this story are not unlike those you see in the TV series "Mad Men". Mort Kantner was a copywriter for the Rosen Brothers. His billboards, brochures and coupons brought thousands of curious buyers to this "Waterfront Wonderland". Connie Mack, Jr. was the public relations manager for this land development company. During it's construction, Cape Coral was the largest project of it's kind in the entire country. The stories told to me by the surviving founding fathers of Cape Coral, as well as the never before seen film footage and photographs, will live forever in this amusing, informative, and precious documentary about the birth of a tropical paradise on the west coast of Florida, the dream of two brothers - Jack and Leonard Rosen - that many thought would never come true.

Bill Tremper